Caplan Wedding

Reeva Forman

Benny and May Stalson with their daughters Robyn and Lynn

John Marx, whose parents hosted Rabbi Moses Weiler on his arrival in South Africa, speaks about Benny Stalson. Anne Marx at left, May Stalson at right.

Ellenor and Amanda Faival, left, and Brian Segal, right, listen to Justin Bachmann, who had his Bar Mitzvah at Temple Israel

Steve Lurie, SAUPJ chairperson, pays tribute. From left, Amanda Faival, Debra Green, Reeva Forman, Steve Lurie, Brian Segal

Benny Stalson on the Bimah

Benny Stalson and Temple Israel chairperson Reeva Forman, with Cecelia Gluckman, secretary to Rabbi Moses Weiler, whose picture is on the wall behind them

Benny Stalson with Temple Israel congregants Amanda, Cherie, Ellenor and David Favel; Annalee, Mala and Serona Reitzik. Many generations have learnt their Judaism from him

Rabbi Charles Wallach blesses Benny Stalson and his wife May

David and Danielle Pentz with Benny Stalson. David had his Bar Mitzvah at Temple Israel with Benny

Esme Kimmel, nee Marks, daughter of a former chairperson of Temple Israel

Rabbi Eli Freeman with members of the congregation High Holy Days 2008