29 November 2008 -  Bat Mitzvah - Cheri Favel

Cherie's Bat-mitzvah

Bennie’s 90th birthday


Clarrie and Margot Levy (nee

Bundheim) were married on October

23 1949 at Temple Israel.

Caplan Wedding

Justin and Frances Bachmann

(nee Schweitzer) were married

on June 13 1954 at Temple Israel, Johannesburg

Pauline and Abe Simpson (nee

Mintz) were married on May 6

1943 at Temple Israel.

Jennifer and Selwyn Levy (nee

Lipton) were married on March

31 1963 at Temple Israel.

Benny Stalson conducts the Temple Israel service on the weekend of his 90th birthday

Benny and May Stalson with their daughters Robyn and Lynn

Benny Stalson and Temple Israel chairperson Reeva Forman, with Cecelia Gluckman, secretary to Rabbi Moses Weiler, whose picture is on the wall behind them

Rabbi Charles Wallach blesses Benny Stalson and his wife May

Reeva Forman with Benny Stalson; photo of founder Rabbi Moses Weiler behind them

Pesach 8 April 2009